Can’t Stop Spying on Mommy


It’s late at night and you are getting the feeling again… that feeling… the one that always seems to get you in trouble. Every time you get the feeling you can’t resist your urges for your mother. Her beautiful body with curves in all of the right places. The way she gently touches herself… her fingers tracing her perfect nipples until they slip down beneath her lacy panties… You are doing it again, you just can’t help yourself. You are in her room hiding under something spying on your mother… nervous yet exhilarated… hoping she doesn’t catch you but deep down inside you wish that she would.

You fondly remember the last time she caught you. You thought she would be mad but she wasn’t. You were surprised when she started explaining why you feel the way you do but you were truly shocked when your own gorgeous mother started showing you all of the parts of her body that you were ever so interested in. That wasn’t all though… you still can’t believe what happened next. Her taking your hard penis in her hand and touching it. Just like you do but way way better… the way only a mother could touch her son. You feel it getting hard. You want to touch it but you know you shouldn’t.

Your mommy is on the bed touching herself again… just like she does every night. Your breathing is getting faster. You are so immersed in her movements… her sounds… her orgasm. That was so perfect and totally worth sneaking in her room again! You thought you got away with it like every other night… except this wasn’t any other night. This was the night that mommy caught you peeking agai.

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