A Birthday Wish Gone Wrong with Unwanted Gender Transformation


A nerdy girl wishes to be sexy but something very different happened instead… Nerdy girl Kristi has always longed to be sexy. She wants big boobs, nice hair and a rocking body. Year after year she wishes the same wish as she blows out her birthday candle. This year is definitely the year her wish is going to come true, she can feel it! She blows out her candle and slips into bed. Sometime during the night a transformation happened… nerdy Kristi wakes up in the morning and immediately notices something is different! She has long hair and big boobs now and she has…. a pregnant belly? Oh no… she has something else too. Kristi reaches down and feels a long hard cock between her legs! How could this be? Her birthday wish has gone all wrong. She got the sexy boobs and hair but she never signed up for a huge pregnant belly and a big bulging cock! She definitely didn’t want this but she might as well try out her new big dick with a sexy gender transformation jerk off session in this erotic transformation fantasy gender swap porn clip!

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