Angry Pregnant Girlfriend Shrinks Husband


You’ve been shrunken into a tiny little man by your pissed off pregnant girlfriend… The gig is up. Your girlfriend is home and she is pissed. You knew she didn’t want to get pregnant for many years but you took matters into your own hands and slipped a rapid pregnancy potion into her drink. Now her belly is hugely swollen with a baby inside. You thought this would be the end and now you could be a daddy but you didn’t know your girlfriend actually had ancient family powers. She is able to shrink any man down to any size she chooses. With one snap of her fingers you begin shrinking… smaller and smaller… the smaller you shrink, the more your angry pregnant girlfriend taunts and teases you. She is downright humiliating you as you continue to grow smaller. There is nothing you can do now. You are shrinking ever smaller and she is getting even meaner as her pregnancy progresses faster and faster! Don’t miss this erotic transformation shrinking fetish clip!

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