A Sex Education Lesson with Mommy

Honey, what is the matter with you?? What happened today?… Oh no! Honey, that’s horrible! That must have been very embarrassing for you… to have a…. well, to have an erection pop up like that in front of everybody! That must have been SO embarrassing honey! Mommy is SO sorry you had to go through that today…. Don’t worry baby… lucky for you your mommy is a very smart woman and I know *just* what you need to fix your problem. Now tell me son, have you ever….. ummm….. have you ever…. touched yourself before? You know, touched yourself to feel good? You haven’t?! Honey! It is no wonder why you are having random erections at inappropriate times! You are definitely at the age to where you should be masturbating! It’s ok honey… mommy is a pro at this kind of stuff and I can fix right up. I just need to you listen to everything mommy says… I need you to follow all of mommy’s instructions…. just focus baby, Mommy is going to teach you the proper way to masturbate and it is going to blow your mind!

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: A incestuous sex education lesson from your smoking hot big titty mother. Your mommy will teach you all about stroking your cock with the help of her ample cleavage and luscious big tits.

Filmed in 1920×1280 true high definition.

Runtime: 19 minutes.

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